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PC/104 CPU System Module
PC/104 I/O Module
Industrial Standard CPU Module
Development Board / Kit
Automatic Control System
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2-Channel Humidity Smart Controller system controls two independent solenoid valves.
500W PMSM servo control system can be used such as industrial sewing machine.
AC Line Protector is a uP based 1000W AC power smart protection.
Nova uP System Board is a 8051 based controller board with USB Port.
Hesper WS is a fan-less and super slim Industrial grade netbook.
128-Channel I/O Module is fully software programable.
Hesper PC/104 Plus Module is a low-cost high-performance system.
High-efficiency 90W PC/104+ power supply has extended temperature range.
PC/104 I/O Module
PC/104+ 90W Power Supply
  The rugged, high-efficiency DC-DC power supply is designed for various applications with extended-temperature.
  Without heat sink and fan, the newer technology makes it working more stable in atrocious environments. The module provides output power directly PC/104 Plus buses, as well as auxiliary connector for external tapping.
PC/104 8-Port RS-232/422/485
  8-port RS-232/422/485 serial module permits baud rate capability up to 921.6Kbps with 16-Byte FIFOs.
  The PC/104 serial module is absolutely compatible with industry-standard 16C554 UART and with software programmable base address and interrupt, built-in RS-485 termination for each port.
PC/104 128-Channel Digital I/O
  The 128-Channel Digital I/O module comes with 64-channel digital input and 64-channel digital output.
  The module works on TTL level input and output. It takes 16 address spaces of series, programmable base address with 16 basic option, as well as software programmable and sharing interrupts.
PC/104 16-Ch Data Acquisition
  The 16-channel data acquisition module is A/D convert card that used for data acquisition from analog signal.
  The data acquisition module has 16 single-end or 8 differential analog inputs with 12-bit A/D converter at 100Khz sampling rate. One 16-bit digital input/output channel works on TTL level.
PC/104 CAN Bus Network
  The CAN Bus Network Interface module operates on two separate CAN Bus networks at same time with high speed transmission up to 1Mbps.
  The CAN Bus Network Interface module takes 4KB address space and 40 adjustable base addresses with wide IRQ selection for each port.

PC/104+ Bootable Flash Module
  Base on an Altera FPGA chip, the flash memory PC/104 boot module works on PC/104 Plus (PCI and ISA compatible) bus.
  The bytewide socket memory module comes with two 28-pin DIP sockets that support bootable BIOS from both PCI and ISA buses.

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