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PC/104 CPU System Module
PC/104 I/O Module
Industrial Standard CPU Module
Development Board / Kit
Automatic Control System
News Update:

2-Channel Humidity Smart Controller system controls two independent solenoid valves.
500W PMSM servo control system can be used such as industrial sewing machine.
AC Line Protector is a uP based 1000W AC power smart protection.
Nova uP System Board is a 8051 based controller board with USB Port.
Hesper WS is a fan-less and super slim Industrial grade netbook.
128-Channel I/O Module is fully software programable.
Hesper PC/104 Plus Module is a low-cost high-performance system.
High-efficiency 90W PC/104+ power supply has extended temperature range.
Development Kit
32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3 System
  The 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller board is an all-in-one system.
  It has on-board 320x240 color graphice display with touch panel, 8-bit general-purpose I/O connector, A/D and D/C port, 8-Key keypad, 2-way on-board wireless, Micro-SD Card adapter and UART.
  It can easily customized for your requirements, quickly to product with our slim casing.
Nova 8051 Board with USB
  Nova System Board is based on an 80c52 Micro-Controller core featured with 32Mhz speed and 32KByte on-board flash memory.
  The Nova system board provides 32 Digital GPIO, USB, Real-Time Clock, Infra-Red Transmitter/Receiver, and standard Serial port.
Mini 80C51 Controller Module
  LW-MC01-P938 is only 0.9 inch by 3.9 Inch Mini Micro-Controller System Board featured with 18Mhz speed and 8KByte onboard flash memory.
  The mini micro-controller system board provides up to 7 channel 10-bit A/D, 13-Bit GPIO, and standard RS232/RS485 serial port.
Embedded Development Kit
  The LongWin Embedded Development Kit is a flexible platform suitable to both software and hardware designers.
  The LongWin Embedded Development Kit can support PC/104 (Plus) module on a baseboard, as well as other embedded formfactors such as 2.5", 3.5" and 5.25" industrial standard boards.
Hesper WS Industrial Netbook
  The fan-less and super slim Hesper WS Netbook runs on Intel Atom Z5xx series CPU up to 2.13Ghz speed.
  The industrial Hesper notrbook provides up to 5 hours battery life with build-in battery, 1366x768 high resolution 12Ħħ widescreen display, as well as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, full-size keyboard, HDMI output and camera.

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