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PC/104 CPU System Module
PC/104 I/O Module
Industrial Standard CPU Module
Development Board / Kit
Automatic Control System
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2-Channel Humidity Smart Controller system controls two independent solenoid valves.
500W PMSM servo control system can be used such as industrial sewing machine.
AC Line Protector is a uP based 1000W AC power smart protection.
Nova uP System Board is a 8051 based controller board with USB Port.
Hesper WS is a fan-less and super slim Industrial grade netbook.
128-Channel I/O Module is fully software programable.
Hesper PC/104 Plus Module is a low-cost high-performance system.
High-efficiency 90W PC/104+ power supply has extended temperature range.
PC/104 I/O Module
PC/104+ 90W DC-DC Power Supply Module (LW-M104-PW4O)
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  The rugged, high-efficiency DC-DC power supply is designed for various applications with extended-temperature.
  Without heat sink and fan, the newer technology makes it working more stable in atrocious environments. The module provides output power directly PC/104 Plus buses, as well as auxiliary connector for external tapping.
Rugged, Extended-Temperature Design
Wide Range Input Voltage
Precise Regulation
Transient Protection
Output Protection
Power Output LED Indicators
No Heat Sink, No Fan
Bus Type PC/104 Plus (ISA and PCI Compatible)

Input 7 - 30 VDC

Transient Protection 1500W Transient Voltage Suppressor

Transient Cutoff 31 Volt (Typical)

Output +5 V @ 10A Max
+12V @ 3.5A Max
-5V @ 200mA Max
-12V @ 1A Max

Output Protection Current Limit
Output Short Protection

Output Regulation +/- 2%

Efficiency Up To 98% (Varies Upon Load and Input Voltage)

Output Ripple < 50mV RMS (+5V with 50% Load)

Environmental -40℃ - +85℃ Extended Working Temperature

Mechanical PC/104 Plus Form-Factor
3.6 x 3.8 Inch (90 x 96 mm)
Quick Start Guide
User's Manual
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