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PC/104 CPU System Module
PC/104 I/O Module
Industrial Standard CPU Module
Development Board / Kit
Automatic Control System
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2-Channel Humidity Smart Controller system controls two independent solenoid valves.
500W PMSM servo control system can be used such as industrial sewing machine.
AC Line Protector is a uP based 1000W AC power smart protection.
Nova uP System Board is a 8051 based controller board with USB Port.
Hesper WS is a fan-less and super slim Industrial grade netbook.
128-Channel I/O Module is fully software programable.
Hesper PC/104 Plus Module is a low-cost high-performance system.
High-efficiency 90W PC/104+ power supply has extended temperature range.
Microcontroller Dev Board
PMSM Servo Automatic Control System (LW-MCSA-SEW1)
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  PMSM Servo Control System is based on 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3 MPUs with a few stand-alone micro-controller modules.
  The high performance is achieved by using hi-tech components and sensors, as well as the newest motor control algorithms.
  The friendly color graphic user interface makes the system more productive.
  It can be used in Sewing Machine, Interlock Machine, Serger, etc. with different option program.
Multi-MPU Based on 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3
Fully Digital Sensor and Control
Friendly Graphic User Interface
For Sewing Machine, Interlock Machine, Serger, etc.
High Efficiency due to the Newest Algorithms
Over-Current Protection
Automatic Motor Initial Angle Detect
CPU 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3
3 Microcontroller Co-Operation

Memory On-Board Flash Memory for Parameters and System Settings

Display 320 x 240 Color LCD Touch Screen

Speed Software Speed Control with Customized Linear and Curve Setting

Solenoid 5 Stand-Alone 32V Solenoid Control with Software Adjustable Duty Cycle

Safety Switch Working for Both Mechanical Switch and Hall Sensor Switchss

Motor 500W PMSM Motor
Max. Speed 5000 rpm

Power 220V @ 50Hz
110V/120V @ 60Hz (Option)

Environmental 0℃ - +65℃ Working Temperature

Mechanical Control Box: 8 Inch x 6 Inch x 2.3 Inch
Display Panel: 6 Inch x 3.5 Inch x 0.8 Inch
Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide (Chinese)
User's Manual (Chinese)
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