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PC/104 CPU System Module
PC/104 I/O Module
Industrial Standard CPU Module
Development Board / Kit
Automatic Control System
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2-Channel Humidity Smart Controller system controls two independent solenoid valves.
500W PMSM servo control system can be used such as industrial sewing machine.
AC Line Protector is a uP based 1000W AC power smart protection.
Nova uP System Board is a 8051 based controller board with USB Port.
Hesper WS is a fan-less and super slim Industrial grade netbook.
128-Channel I/O Module is fully software programable.
Hesper PC/104 Plus Module is a low-cost high-performance system.
High-efficiency 90W PC/104+ power supply has extended temperature range.
Microcontroller Dev Board
AC Line Over/Under Voltage Smart Protector (LW-MODL-PT5A)
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  AC Line Smart Protector is based on an Micro-Controller featured with 8Mhz speed and on-board flash memory.
  The AC Line Smart Protector provides up to 1000W protection for device/equipment on AC line with fully digital sensor, filter and control.
  It can easily customized for over/under voltage threshold by software.
8Mhz Micro-Controller
On-Board Flash Memory
Fully Digital Sensor, Filter and Control
Customized over/under voltage threshold
Pass-Through Function
Variant for 220V @ 50Hz and 110/120V @60Hz
MPU 8Mhz Micro-Controller

Memory On-Board Flash Memory
On-Board SRAM

Protect Digital Sensor, Filter and Control

Alarm Audio & Light Indicator for Power Failure

Restore Push Button for Restore from Power Fail

Bypass Switch for Bypass (Pass-Through) of The Power Protection

Over Voltage Threshold 250V @ 220V / 50Hz
140V @ 110/120V / 60Hz
(Can Be Customized by Software)

Under Voltage Threshold 190V @ 220V / 50Hz
90V @ 110/120V / 60Hz
(Can Be Customized by Software)

Power 1000W @ 220V / 50Hz
500W @ 110/120V / 60Hz

Environmental 0℃ - +65℃ Working Temperature

Mechanical 4.2 Inch x 2.5 Inch x 1.2 Inch
Datasheet (Chinese)
Quick Start Guide
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